Sunday, November 11, 2012

Polar Express

I am in the process of planning something fun for the holidays that last week of school before they get out.  I found this great activity that goes along with Polar Express.  You need to check it out!   Polar Express Unit over at "Tonya's Treats for Teachers."
I cannot believe that next week is Thanksgiving!
I always do a fun art project with the kids each year.  It takes a long time to put together, but it turns out so pretty! 
Items you need:
9x6 card stock
tin foil
saran wrap
picture you want copied
You take the tin foil and wrinkle it a little and then flatten it back out.  You want them big enough to wrap the card stock.  Then you tape it on the back like a present.  Then you take the picture of your choice and tape just the corner on the foil.  (This will be removed when the coloring is finished.)
Then you take the saran wrap and and wrap it over the card stock and tape it on the back, but be sure to not over tape the opening where you will take out the paper.

Finally, with sharpie markers, have students color the cornucopia, but be sure to outline the the boarders in black last.
Then you will remove the paper when finished.  They turn out like stained glass.  They are so beautiful!  I will post the finished product.
The do take a long time to prepare, but if you mat them on black paper, they are a great present for the holidays!
Here is the cornucopia if you would like a copy.
Sorry... don't know how to make it a cute download.
Here's to a quick week hopefully!

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