Sunday, October 30, 2011

Drug Free Week and Pumpkin Fun

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger!)  What a great week had with our pumpkins!  What a great week to talk about it.  We had fun seeing if our pumpkins were going to sink or float.  For the most part, they all floated, except one... it was just too big for the sink!  We had fun decorating our pumpkins too. 

Not only have we been working on our pumpkin unit this week, it has been DRUG FREE WEEK!  We have talked about what the difference is between bad drugs and good drugs.  We also designed posters to be displayed in the hallways.  Everyday we did something different to show that we are all DRUG FREE!  Look at the picture below.  We passed out certificates with their name on it saying we will always be DRUG FREE!  This is a great learning week and I hope it follows with them throughout their school years and beyond. 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to my class!!!

Today was a crazy day and I am thinking that it must be a full moon... or the fact that Halloween is only a few days away!  We are not doing a reading story this week, so that left plenty of time to get caught up on fun projects and listening to my students read and write great stories.  I decided that we would do a great pumpkin theme this week and thanks to all the great teachers out there that gave me great ideas and Pinterest, it helps me be a teacher that I enjoy.  I do miss the fun teaching things we used to be able to do in the past, but now so much is on the curriculum that it is hard to find time to do the "FUN STUFF" that kids really learn from!

This week we are working on 2-digit addition with 'regrouping.'  We finally have learned and mastered place value and had a great lesson that included food!  They really enjoyed the activity and seemed to be engaged so much more when there is food involved! 

Well, that is it for now.  I will post more pictures when we have our pumpkin fun!   

Have a great day!!!