Monday, March 19, 2012

Shapes, Fractions and Super Stars

Last week we finished up our Planes and 3-D Shapes unit in math.  One fun thing we did was design any 3-D shape and they had to label the parts and how many sides/faces, vertices, right angles, and draw the shape they made.  I passed out toothpicks and marshmallows for them to become architects.  They loved it!  I had only a few that did something other than a square, but they also realized once they made their shapes, they could EAT the leftover marshmallows! 

This week we started fractions!  I always start off with essential questions for each area I teach, so today our Math E.Q's were:

Today we only worked on the bottom E.Q.  What are the parts of a Fractions?  We talked about them and made a web of what we know.  They all came up with great facts and most of them said has to do with part of a whole!  AWESOME!  I found this great activity over that The Teacher Wife and she offered this fractions unit!  Amazing!  Click on the picture below and it will take you to her site and all that she offers there!  If you aren't a fan of yours, you totally need to be.  I love all her ideas and I am in awe of where she finds her time to do all of these activities, plus teach and do your lesson plans, grade papers, and still have a life... Amazing!

So anyway, since we are talking about the "Parts" of a fraction, I used her activity and made a poster of the fraction and then had the kids come up and work in pairs to figure out where each part went.  They loved it and the class participated as well.  Tomorrow we will be making a booklet of fractions. 

When we finished, I took down the poster and all of its parts and they had to show me what they learned.

We have our hand movements too that we use with the whole brain teaching.  We raise a fist in the air and say, "NUMERATOR" and our other arm is making a straight line, we then move our fist to the bottom and say, that's right... you guessed it... "DENOMINATOR."  They love using their hands!

On the last note... this is our last nine weeks as second graders.  These boys and girls worked so hard to reach their AR goal and I so proud of them!  Here is a picture with their AR Brain Beads on and now we are starting over with our points.  We are already rocking and rolling with our points! 


We are missing 4 of the ROCK STARS... they were in the library... Hopefully this last nine weeks, they ALL will make it!  I know that can!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's a Linky Party!!!

Welcome to the LINKY PARTY sponsored by
Kindergarten Lifestyle! 

It is my first time joining one of these and I am so excited because I am a stalker when it comes to blogs!  They have helped make me a much better teacher, because honestly... I just don't have the time to create all these great masterpieces that these other teachers do!  Also, I just don't know how they do it... I always thought I was so smart when it came to the computer, but after learning about all these teaching blogs, I am totally clueless!!! 

 Totally on my bucket list, but I will learn this if it kills me!!!

So if you want to join, click on the picture above and follow her directions. 

We all know that K-2 teachers are SUPER STARS! 
This will help connect you with other great teaching blogs!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Begging and Borrowing

Do you find it hard to believe that we have to spring forward already?  I am used to growing up in Indiana and we never had to change our time, but I don't think anyone really gets used to waking up an hour earlier...  So since I have lost an hour, I am trying to squeeze that extra time anywhere I can find it!

I am not sure what happened when I turned mid age or middle 30's... I never thought I would say I was that old.. but here I am and I feel like I am sponge and want to soak everything up.  I really wish I had this drive in college, but now it is kind of obsessive... I have always wanted to be the best teacher for my kids and I want so much for them to be the BEST kids ever!  It is still surreal to me to have my dream career and doing what I love so much every day, and that these parents trust me with their babies every day.  There are so many resources out there that are so helpful and wonderful ideas out there to help me succeed to be the best teacher for my kiddos.  That is where my title comes from.  I just do not have time to create all these wonderful activities for each subject I am supposed to teach, but thankfully there are teachers out there that are dedicated to producing these wonderful activities for me to be the best teacher ever!  (I am not the best by any means, but it sure does help me feel a lot more prepared!)

My other obsession is Pinterest... Who doesn't LOVE Pinterest, right?  I have found so many great bloggers out there that have helped me everyday!  Thank you for all your great ideas that I use all the time!  You all rock!  I wish I could list them all, but it would be all of them!

"Oh Class...."  "Oh Yesss!" 
"Classity Class..."  "Yessity, Yes!"
"Hands and Eyes..."  "Hands and Eyes!"

My kids love our new fun way of learning!  It is called, "Whole Brain Teaching."  I have always incorporated whole brain learning, but other teachers out there have really created fun learning ways for my kids to excel!  Check out this teacher that I have stole some great ideas from.  Not only is she a great teacher, but I love her style!  The kids love being a "teacher" and having a voice.  For so long, kids are expected to sit and listen, but really how much can they learn from a lecture, right?  Check this video out for some great ideas!  Love it, love it, love it!

We are a PBIS school and that is a great program teaching positive behavior and respect and responsibility, but along with whole brain teaching it has worked wonders keeping my kids engaged and learning!  I love it!  Before each learning activity we act out our five directions so we "remember" what our expectations are.  If a child isn't following these, I can remind them of what is expected and they get it together quickly!

I have learned over the years that I am not afraid to beg and borrow to help make my kiddos be their best!! 

What are some things that you have borrowed over the years to help make you a better teacher?