Sunday, December 9, 2012

Measurement and More

Who would've thought that I would be such a slacker when keeping up with my classroom blog... I guess this new common core is keeping me on my toes.  So here I am with so many pictures and things to talk about, but I am about 3 months behind.  My New Year's resolution will be to do better keeping this blog up...

Anyway, we have been working on our Measurement and Data standard 2.MD.1-2.MD.4.  There are so many great activities that deal with measurement, and truly it is only learned through hands on activities.  I love how well my class works in groups and with partners.  They are truly a caring and kind group of kids and I love being their teacher.

First we started with inches and we talked about how a ruler works and so on, but the only way we can learn is by doing... So I gave them each a ruler and told them they had to write down EVERYTHING they measured and put the measurement beside it.  They had to use the correct abbreviation as well.  They all got very creative and even started measuring ears and heads.  They did a great job.  We then shared our findings with the class.

The next day, we figured out we can measure using many different things, including our feet, hands, and even paperclips.  But we did figure out that the room is not the same size "feet," because we learned that Mrs. Harpley's feet are bigger than their feet.  We then decided to measure how tall we where using yarn.  They learned quickly that when you pull on yarn, it is stretchy, so they had to be careful when measuring it next to the measuring tape, that they couldn't pull on it.  We then graphed how tall our class was and then I hung out the yarn in the hallway to see the difference.

I promise I don't usually let them stand on chairs, but sometimes, you just have to bend the rules!  She was helped up and down!

I then introduced temperature, because we learned that temperature is another way to measure something.  I had three different waters that had different temperatures: Boiling, room temperature, and warm.  We all estimated what the degrees would be and then when we guessed, we put in the thermometers to measure the different amounts.  They enjoyed seeing how different their estimations were compared to the real temperature. 
There are endless ways to teach measurement, but I just had to share a few.  I am sorry for the bad quality of pictures... It was my iPhone and not my regular camera, but it works just the same!